So what is Probate?


Probate is the legal process often required following the death of an individual. The purpose of the probate process is to ensure that the decedent’s estate assets are accounted for and transferred according to the decedent’s wishes or pursuant to Texas intestate succession laws. Probate also provides an opportunity for creditors to file claims against the estate.


If you have been named as the executor for the estate of a recently deceased loved one you will likely need the assistance of an experienced Austin, Texas wills and probate lawyer given the often complex nature of the probate process. Probating an estate frequently requires knowledge of numerous areas of the law to avoid making a costly mistake which is why most executors retain the services of an attorney to assist throughout the process. Attorney Penny Haye understands that the job of executor can be demanding from both a practical and emotional standpoint. Retaining the services of an experienced Texas will and probate lawyer will go a long way toward relieving the emotional burden and ensuring that the process is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Law Offices of Penny Haye also supports families, trustees and executors following the loss of a loved one. Whether there is a will outlining the distribution of an estate to heirs or not, we will guide you through the probate and estate administration processes with ease and care.


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Whether to create your own estate plan or as part of the probate process for a recently departed loved one, chances are good that you will need the assistance of an experienced Austin, Texas wills and probate lawyer at some point in your life. When that time arrives, attorney Penny Haye can help.