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Child Support

Penny was very professional and did a wonderful job on my case on such short notice. I needed help with my child support matter and I didn’t know what to do. She explained the process and told what to expect at the hearing.  She helped me settle the case and I really appreciated her help.




Civil Litigation

I couldn’t have chosen a more qualified, competent, lawyer to handle my case. I was impressed from the very start with her knowledge of the law and her aggressive yet compassionate approach. There was never a moment when I questioned the outcome. She is truly wonderful.



Family Law

If you ever need an honest, personable and competent lawyer, try this law office. Penny will go to bat for you. She was straight-up with me throughout the case. She provided frequent updates on my case. I never felt like she was watching the clock or dragging the case on to try to pad my bill. The legal world can be overwhelming so I was grateful to have someone like this on my side who was approachable and seemed genuinely concerned about my case.




Penny was quick to respond on any issue that the opposing attorney brought forth. She is very kind and had the ability to make me feel protected and at ease when the situation got heated. Under a very small time frame she wasted no time in reviewing my case and talking me through my options. She is excellent and I would hiring her again.